Is your Information Technology strategy aligned with institutional priorities?

​MCG can customize a solution that meets institutional objectives from one of the following service offerings:

  • Information Technology Planning Services
  • Information Technology Assessments
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Assessments 
  • ​Interim CIO Services
  • Provide Management Services for IT Departments
  • Functional Area Assessments

MCG Principle Consultants have been practitioners in higher education roles such as:

A Business Solutions and Technology Services Provider

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About Miller Consulting Group (MCG)

The Miller Consulting Group works with your institution to answer this question and others by devising a go forward strategy.

Are you optimizing your Information Technology assets?

MCG brings more than 40 combined years of diversified experience in creating higher education and information technology solutions.

  • Vice President of Information Technology
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Senior Director of Admissions 
  • Director of Academic Computing
  • Director of Admissions 
  • Director of Academic Computing
  • English Instructor
  • Executive Director of Enrollment Services – Online Education
  • Trainer